Using child books, child audio books and live storytellers, Internet Storyteller is working to preserve classic children's literature, promote new authors and teach children better reading skills. We make good books available to children in multiple formats, either alone or in packages that include the book along with a recorded reading of the book.

If someone read to you as a child then you will remember what vivid pictures you could conjure in your imagination when someone read to you. You may have memorized favorite passages or entire books and poems, appropriate character voices and all. You probably still remember the stories - maybe even word for word.

How great would it be, then, to give that same gift to your children? With today's busy schedules it's not always possible for you to do the reading yourself, so we've come up with a few creative alternatives.

First, we offer illustrated child books that you can read to your child or your child can read for himself.

Second, we offer pre-recorded child audio books that are read aloud by a dedicated parent, grandparent or teacher. These child audio books include the text of the story or book so your child can follow along with the reader.

Some of the child books will be favorite classics. Others will be newer works by authors who are doing good work that deserves to be recognized. You can be sure that each child book has been reviewed for content and that each is child-friendly.

So how can you participate in these programs?

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